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About Me

Esther_is_shrunkI had an incredible experience with a sort-of-acupuncture type of service in 2010 and that was it for me—I had to study acupuncture! I was amazed, blown away (yes, I know that sounds like over-acting) but that was it for me. Within a week I was enrolled in acupuncture. You have heard of BC (Before Christ, or Before Common Era) as a time measurement? Well, my time measurement starts with BA. Before Acupuncture.

Before Acupuncture:
Back when my oldest son was 12, a chiropractor told me about someone who helped him with his allergies. This was BEFORE regulation. Health Canada has moved to regulate natural health and has now told us that if you aren’t part of the medical profession, you can’t use words like allergies. We now have to say intolerances and sensitivities, but…Back Then it was still ‘ok’ to say allergies. My oldest son had allergies. We went to see someone who was a (back then) Registered Holisitic Allergist –NOW Registered Bioenergetics Practitioner. This gentleman, in one session using an acupuncture electro stimulator style of device, help my son ‘re-balance’ himself (yeah, did I tell you we aren’t allowed to use the word ‘cure’ either?) to his cat reactions. Seriously. The next day he could play with kittens and had no reactions –I’m talking about hives, eyes swollen shut & a puffer—all gone. Nothing happening. So hey presto, I’ll give you one guess what I did. Yes, I started working towards training to be a (Then) Registered Holistic Allergist/NOW Registered Bioenergetics Practitioner (R.BIE) and in 2006 I opened my own clinic, Open Windows 2 Wellness, Allergy, Acupuncture & Anti-Aging Clinic.

As an R.BIE. I was working with THEN ‘allergies, intolerances, & sensitivities’, (now I am only allowed to say the latter 2 words even though the protocol is exactly the same) and had a client come in with a full blown asthma attack. I asked her why she was here and not at the hospital. Her response was, you are 3 blocks away—I’m giving you an hour to help me. No pressure, right?

She had been like this all afternoon since a luncheon with fellow teaching colleagues so a food-type reaction. I know from my training nothing I do could help her with a food reaction due to the stress factor of how bad her asthmas was, but perhaps we could get the stress of her reaction to calm…so I used my protocol with a cold laser. It took 9 minutes and her breathing was back to normal. Nine minutes. Nine because my laser unit is set up to work in 3 minute increments. It took 3 sets of 3 minutes and her breathing was normal.

Honestly, I surprised myself. I was on such a high…you have to understand. I just used what I knew and meshed to fields of my study together to come up with something for her… just to help. All this would be illegal now, but back then, not so. Much has changed. We have to work with it, right?

But back to that moment, I was so excited. You see, I had always used laser or electro-stim on acupuncture points. That was my job. No needles, no skin penetration, but still effective.

The laser carried resonant frequencies into the body and the body responded to the specific frequencies. Very cool high tech stuff, but not medically recognized. However, it stimulated an interest in acupuncture points and I spent hours online researching and started to use those points with my laser. In this particular case, I used LU 1 only. I knew it was the Front MU of the Lung Channel and that it was considered an ‘alarm’ point. That means if you massage it and it’s sensitive, there is something out of balance with the LU Channel at least, and possible with the Lung itself. My theory was that if I used that point and stimulated it with frequencies specific to calming histamine reactions and the lung at the same time, perhaps something would change. It did.

Because of that client—because of that event, my life changed. I have a BA and an AA (After Acupuncture). ‘After Acupuncture’ involved so many things. First, school while still working full time…yes, I said full time hours. Don’t even ask how I did it. I honestly don’t know how retrospectively, and then the province of Ontario did a game changer and moved to regulate acupuncture. Now, we knew this was coming, but really didn’t understand what it would mean. We thought they were regulating acupuncture, but that wasn’t what they did. They regulated CHINESE acupuncture…not Japanese, not medical acupuncture, not Clinical acupuncture (which is what I was taught), but TCM – Traditional Chinese Medicine. There was lobbying in effect that skewed the regulation towards a specific style of acupuncture only, of which Dr. Mary Wu of Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, where I later studied was involved in, so here I was practicing Clinical Acupuncture, and the government chose Chinese acupuncture.

Now this wasn’t the end of the world because I actually liked Chinese acupuncture and had been taking extra courses in due to my own interest…put a lot of money into it, actually. Pretty much the same amount of my initial training…that’s how strong my interest was, but it wasn’t enough as there had been no standard in the training so you can guess what happened next… more courses. I am now a habitual student, I confess and will take courses till the day I die or retire, whichever happens first.

Blame it all on my son’s allergies.

So I could have just said, hey my son had allergies so eventually I became an acupuncturist, but that wouldn’t have been as fun, right?

If you haven’t had acupuncture before, would you like to measure your life by AA as well? Would you like an After Acupuncture story to measure your life by? We offer a free initial assessment that will help you decide whether acupuncture and Brantford Acupuncture Clinic is right for you.

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TCM Acupuncture Training:

  • 2010 – *College of International Holistic Studies, Milton – Clinical Acupuncture – Korean Hand Therapy, Richmond, VA
  • 2011 – College of Acupuncture & Therapeutics, Kitchener – Advanced TCM
  • 2013 – Regulation of Acupuncture formalized: R.Ac,
  • 2015 -Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Toronto – Ongoing classes -Scalp Acupuncture – Toronto
  • 2016 -TSTCM continues
    -Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine – PLAR Case Studies
    -Pulsynergy – Pulse Diagnosis

*This college has renamed to College of Natural Health and Traditional Chinese Medicine and
relocated to Unionville

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